Partnership Enquiries
We invite all kind of partnerships with mutual benefits. If you are a company or an individual and if you have an idea or a proposal for partnership which may benefit both of us, please do contact us. Some of the partnership proposals may be

1. If you need us to develop world class softwares (web based)
2. If you wish to invest in our company
3. If you have a software whose source code you wish to exchange with any of our software programs.
4. if you wish to put your advertisement in our website
5. If you wish to be our reseller in your country or city
6. if you have already developed a good software (Linex / web based) and would like to exchange the rebranded copy of your software with that of ours.
7. OR any other idea which mutually benefits both of us.

Please submit your partnership proposal by sending email to or call +91-9312262045
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